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Kirsten Dunst riding a guy’s cock outdoors

May 7, 2010 Author: Drunkst | Filed under: Porn

The hardest thing a former celebrity Hollywood heartthrob have to do in life is to accept that their time to shine has met it’s due and that movie directors will always find a new pretty face that will bring in the moolah. For Kirsten Dunst, the sands in the hourglass has run out down to it’s last grain which led her to her abuse of drugs, totally losing it. The producers of the Spiderman movie in which she co-starred with her former fling Toby Maguire upon learning that Kirsten Dunst strips naked in the streets for a dollar came to her rescue and offered her a deal.

Not one to waste a chance to redeem her fallen career, Kirsten Dunst agreed to star in a porn movie. Seen here in these screenshots is Kirsten Dunst naked while jacking off a black dude’s cock in the woods. In the other shot, Kirsten Dunst is stuffing her pussy with a banana while a horny monkey watches. I’m not sure when this porn movie will come out but you can be sure I’m on of the first to buy a copy.

Kirsten Dunst Porn Pictures

Jun 19, 2008 Author: Drunkst | Filed under: Porn

Kirsten Dunst has been in the Hollywood industry for such a long time now and you have seen her grow from this small and witty little girl who portrayed President George H.W. Bush’s daughter in Saturday Night Live! and in the movie Little Women where she played the part of a young Amy March. But she became more famous when she landed the role of Mary Jane Watson in the phenomenal Spider-Man trilogy starring opposite Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Oh, you might have seen her in one of Savage Garden’s music videos “I Knew I Loved You” where she played Darren Haye’s love interest. Kirsten has made over a dozen major and notable movies in her career and even though she still maintains that clean, discreet image in Hollywood, she is still not spared from all the filth the industry has to offer and we came across some of the most explicit and steamy porn pictures we have gathered from different sources and you can find it all here at Kirsten Dunst Porn Pictures.

Explosive and graphic, Kirsten Dunst Porn Pictures provides you with nothing but Kirsten Dunst shedding off her clothes and getting some hot lovin’ from guys who are sticking their wangs inside her dripping fuck holes as she gets deliriously kinky with all those cocks waiting for their turn to get some special service by this pretty blonde actress. Browse through some of these hot porn pictures we have provided for your total viewing entertainment and all you have to do is click here and get your schlongs ready for Kirsten Dunst Porn Pictures.

Dunst makes amends to Maguire for past transgressions

Apr 11, 2008 Author: Drunkst | Filed under: News

Actress Kirsten Dunst has finally confronted her demons and is now facing life with a new start after she got herself treated at a rehab facility for serious depression and mental health issues and not drug-related as earlier reported.

It was in the Cirque Lodge in Utah where the actress, known for her role as Mary Jane Watson in the Spider-Man movie series, spent six weeks getting into the 12-step programme that was commonly used by former drug dependents.

Dunst also mentioned that making amends to the people she had hurt before was part of the programme and the very first person that came to mind is Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire.

An insider source has reported that Dunst apologized to Maguire for all the things she did to him when they began working on Spider-Man until they were dating steadily back in 2001.

Dunst newfound start at life has made her decision to leave Los Angeles and relocate to New York where she bought a $3 million apartment. It was said that moving in to a new neighborhood will be a good start for her and she just wanted to leave her past behind along with her bad influence friends and temptations that became her happiness in life and almost led her to self-destruction.

Actress Kirsten Dunst buys posh NY penthouse for $3 million

Apr 11, 2008 Author: Drunkst | Filed under: News

Spider-Man co-star and actress Kirsten Dunst decided to pack her bags and leave for New York where she was reported to have purchased a posh penthouse apartment for a whopping $3 million. The 25-year old actress plans to have her new home renovated which has a great view of the Hudson River.

She believes that leaving Los Angeles and settling in the Big Apple provides her with a fresh start in life after she was allegedly reported to have checked in and spent six weeks at a rehab facility.

Sources tell that her wild party girl lifestyle and substance abuse was the main cause for the tragic break up with actor-boyfriend of three years, Jake Gyllenhaal.

A representative for actress Kirsten Dunst staunchly denied reports that the 25-year old Spider-Man star has checked into rehab due to her consistent partying lifestyle and rumors of substance abuse after she and boyfriend actor Jake Gyllenhaal broke up.

It was reported that Dunst was admitted at the Cirque Lodge after allegedly partying for almost a week during the Sundance Film Festival but sources close to the actress said the reason for the split was due to her excessive “wild ways” and that the actor was turned off with her habitual party girl lifestyle.

Dunst and Gyllenhaal began dating on September of 2002 after meeting Jake through his sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal. The relationship lasted for three years and she was rumoured to be dating British musician Johnny Borrell and now with actor Ryan Gosling.

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